Bassett Hargrove 


           Investment Counsel, LLC

​​​Our Team

David R. Hargrove is Chief Executive Officer and portfolio manager at Bassett Hargrove Investment Counsel.  Prior to starting Tucker Hargrove Management he was an analyst and portfolio manager with Wilmington Capital Management and Greenville Capital Management. David graduated from Williams College and received an MBA from The Wharton School.  He has 40 years of investment experience and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Christopher A. Luft  ​is a portfolio management consultant at Bassett Hargrove.  He previously was Sr. Vice President and partner at Marvin & Palmer Associates, a global equity financial advisory firm. During his 23 year career at Marvin & Palmer he supervised the multi-billion dollar international equity trading team. Formerly he was the NASD registered principal and trading manager at Christiana Brokerage. Christopher graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Business and Economics.

Theresa M. Cody handles all aspects of operations, trading and client reporting at Bassett Hargrove.  Previously with Allied Signal, Greenville Capital Management, and Tucker Hargrove Management. Theresa has over 30 years of investment administrative experience. 

Joanne R. Havertine is responsible for performance measurement, trading and accounting at Bassett Hargrove.  A graduate of the University of Delaware, Joanne's investment experience spans over 35 years with previous experience at Merrill Lynch, Delaware Trust, Greenville Capital Management and Tucker Hargrove Management